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Another beautiful fall day and another baby shower

November 19, 2015

It was a pretty day and it warmed up more than I thought it would. I spent the day at the office writing, organizing and catching up with an old friend. There was a farm to school program at the office and an old berry farmer friend, Jim Goodson popped in after his meeting. He and his family had the old berry and fruit tree farm called Goodson’s in west Pulaski County years ago when I was in the county office. He has now retired and passed the farming torch to his son and they also moved from the old home place. It was good to catch up but he brought me sad news that another great farmer, Larry Odom of Cabot strawberry fame passed away two weeks ago from cancer!

During lunch we had an office baby shower for Julie. She is getting closer to her due date of January 10–her own birthday. We had cake and punch and a lot of folks dropped in to shower her with baby gifts. julie baby shower.3.1501

julie baby shower.3.1504

julie baby shower.3.1506

julie baby shower.3.1514

julie baby shower.3.1516

julie baby shower.3.1519

Late this afternoon we made a run to the storage building and then I went this evening to buy more supplies for the holiday workshop at Garvan on Sunday. Holiday lights open at Garvan Garden on Saturday, and I will get to see them after the workshop on Sunday.

Driving around town I noticed several glorious yellow ginkgo trees but I could not get a picture. When I got home I saw one from White County MG Ann Wood of her tree. gingko ann wood Is this not stunning. In a few days all the leaves will be gone. With ginkgos it is like Mother Nature flips a switch and one day there are leaves and the next they are lying on the ground.

I also got a picture of a papaya from Susie’s yard in Sherwood–in SHERWOOD.papaya sherwood I hope she harvests before a killing frost–one is predicted for this weekend.

Also wanted to share a picture of the Van Buren County MGs entry for their local festival of trees contest. festival of trees van buren co.15 Their theme is Butterfly Garden. They used hydrangeas painted and sprinkled with glitter; butterflies made out of cupcake liners , pine cones; mini kids gardening tools; small vases trimmed with twisted wire and streamers of ribbon; beautyberry sprays and magnolia leaves. Under the tree are galvanized watering cans, a bucket with a Nativity scene with papercrete mushrooms and grass blooms, sea shells and gravel, as well as the MG Book, the class of 2014 project binder and a MG project sign, a gardening boot, tool box filled with gardening glove “iris” and a pretty box of seed packets. We will add cuttings to the vases after the conference center opens on the 30th just in time for the voting.
Christmas jeweled spiders shimmer in the lights. IF you go by between 11/30 and 12/12 you can vote for their tree! Talented Master Gardeners!! Hope they win.

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