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First Frost, Garvan and the Holidays

November 22, 2015

The temperatures plummeted all day Saturday with a more than brisk wind bringing in the cold air. I had a lot of errand to run and I only wore a jacket during the day, and I was freezing by the time I made it home in the evening. Last night I went to Stephano’s Fine Art Gallery for an exhibit by Tony Dow. Does the name ring a bell? Tony played Wally on Leave it to Beaver. He is now an accomplished sculptor. tony dow sculptor

tony-dow-1-sized He was a very nice man and we talked art, but I was dying to ask a gauche question about what it was like on Leave it to Beaver–one of the most iconic shows of my childhood. I am sure he hates talking about it, and since it was an art show, I held my tongue.

Overnight we had our first frost in Little Rock. Temperatures made it to 29 degrees, but I would not call it a killing frost for everything. I did lose the basil, first frost.nov21.152

first frost.nov21.154

first frost.nov21.158colues, impatiens and the potatoes–I dug up a handful from those that had resprouted. potatoes nov21.151
The winter vegetables did fine, and I only had a little damage on the dragon wing begonias. first frost.nov21.155
I did find that my camellia sasanqua is finally beginning to bloom camellia nov21.15and I also have encore azaleas blooming, azalea encore.nov21.15the Soft Caress mahonia and my first blooms are open on the hellebore Christmas Rose. hellebores first bloomsnov21.15
I clipped plants from my garden to use in the holiday decorating workshop today and then loaded the car and headed to Garvan Gardens. Today was our final workshop of the year. We had a great time talking holiday plants and holiday decorating garvan holiday workshop.1511

garvan holiday workshop.1514

garvan holiday workshop.1515 Then we had a wonderful meal prepared and demonstrated by former NPCC culinary instructor Karla Nardi and her daughter Superior Bathhouse and Brewery chef Angela Nardi. We started off with poached pears with a red wine reduction with smoked blue cheese and greens, followed by marinated lamb chops, mushroom bread pudding, carrots and fresh cranberry sauce and ending with an eggnog tart. garvan holiday workshop.1519

garvan holiday workshop.1520

garvan holiday workshop.1521

garvan holiday workshop.1523 Audrey House of Chateau Aux Arc Vineyards paired each course with two of her craft wines. All in all it was an amazing meal and really good wines. garvan holiday workshop.1527

garvan holiday workshop.1526

garvan holiday workshop.1522

When it was all finished we had to load back up and clean it all up. I had great help from Julie and Katie. garvan holiday workshop.1530

garvan holiday workshop.1542Julie headed home and Katie and I went and walked holiday lights. It was not quite as dark as it could have been when we started but the beauty of the plants more than made up for it, and it was dark before we headed to our car. garvan holiday workshop.1506

garvan holiday workshop.1531

garvan holiday workshop.1532

garvan holiday workshop.1535

garvan holiday workshop.1545

garvan holiday workshop.1550

garvan holiday workshop.1552

garvan holiday workshop.1553
There was a big crowd coming in as we were leaving. Don’t forget, holiday lights are open nightly with the exception of Christmas day and close December 31. You don’t want to miss it. It was a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

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