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November 23, 2015

Today was a full day at the office minus a quick birthday celebration lunch for Holly’s birthday. holly birthday lunch 15) (1) (She is eating for 2 now!)

holly birthday lunch 15) (2)
It was a gorgeous day outside, and I did get to walk outside and consult with our maintenance staff about the rain gardens upkeep. The hardy hibiscus that have gotten enormous were cut back to the ground-line. Look at the size of the stalks!hardy hibiscus cut rain garden. This definitely shows that in the conditions meet the needs of the plant they will thrive! They want to keep it more manicured, but if it is left unplanted, weeds will encroach. Already we had plenty of winter weeds germinating, including henbit, chickweed, Carolina geranium and more. carolina geranium.nov.15


rain garden.nov.15
It is interesting how some trees like the blackgum are completely bare of foliage, while the sweetgums–both the fruitless and fruity are almost solid leaves.sweetgums nov (1)

sweetgums nov (3) The ginkgos still have their leaves too, but in a day or two they will be gone. gingko

We got a lot accomplished today and tomorrow I head to the Delta bright and early to speak to the MGs of the Delta.

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