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Delta MGs

November 24, 2015

It was a nice drive today down to Hamburg for the MGs of the Delta monthly meeting. It was an early morning commute, so I missed all the downtown traffic. I was glad it was daylight though on the roads down south, as I passed 6 dead deer on the side of the roads. This small but mighty group hosted the state MG conference in Monticello a few years ago, and it was like old home week visiting with them. They are a group of 5 southern counties plus northern Louisiana so some of them have quite a commute to meetings. We discussed management issues, officer duties and they held elections. It was a great open forum and then we talked spring blooming bulbs. MG of the Delta.nov (1)

MG of the Delta.nov (2)

MG of the Delta.nov (3) As always,the meeting was accompanied by a vast array of foods and great fall decor.

Then I drove back to LR. When I got home a beautiful fall arrangement was awaiting me. thanksgiving flowers (2) I am having a house full for Thanksgiving, so tomorrow is an off day to cook. I got tables up and ready, and the house is clean, so I am good to go.

Yesterday as I was driving home from the office, I was stopped behind a guy at a light by my office. Right where my GPS sits I could spot his, and I was quite impressed that I could see it pretty well from my car. Then I realized it wasn’t a GPS but a TV!! They say not to text and drive, and here this guy is watching TV and driving! mobile tv

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