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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! thanksgiving 201508

thanksgiving 201509I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or are possibly still eating! The weather feels more like Easter than Thanksgiving, but rain is coming. I was tempted to turn the air conditioner back on, since it was so hot in the kitchen, but no one but me was too hot, so I suffered through. I do think this was the easiest Thanksgiving meal I have ever cooked. We normally eat mid to late afternoon, but with some members coming from Hot Springs who had to get back and work, we were shooting for noon. I decided to cook everything but the turkey yesterday, then just reheat it all. What an inspiration. The kitchen was cleaned up and everything was ready at the same time! This will be an annual tradition. We had 17 and food was flying out. thanksgiving 201502

thanksgiving 201503

thanksgiving 201506 Everyone had a seat and I served buffet style–shock, shock, but with that many people it makes it easier. thanksgiving 201505

thanksgiving 201507
After everyone left, I got the kitchen back in order and am making turkey stock from the carcass. As an added bonus, my son and husband got all my Christmas decorations out of the attic. It looks sort of like Armageddon in the living room, but tomorrow I will put up the Thanksgiving decorations and begin on the next holiday. It will be sort of like Christmas when you see all the decorations again.

I have much to be thankful for. I have a great family, wonderful friends and a job I adore, due in a huge part to the people I work for and work with and the clients we serve. I do have the best volunteers in the country–if not the world! Thanks to you all!

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