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Rain and Decorating

November 28, 2015

Instead of black Friday, I think we should call it Wet Friday. . .Saturday & Sunday! Whew have we had the rain. So far at my house today we have had 3.19 inches, adding to the 1.97 yesterday and in two days we have over 5 inches of rain, and more is predicted tomorrow. I am thinking of building an ark! While the rain definitely put a halt to gardening or outside decorating, it made you happy to stay at home and do inside things. I have been decorating and decorating. Except for the little stuff to spread around, and the yard if it ever dries out, I am done! I have consolidated boxes and bags and they are waiting to go back up to the attic. christmas decorating (7) It has been relatively stress-free except for the lights. Whoever invented holiday lights must have had a sadistic side. I am sure there is something installed which makes half of them not work the following year. It seems that every year I have to run to the store to buy replacement lights, and this year was no exception. The change however is all the choices. It used to be you had to choose from white or colored lights, but now you have all sorts of options from LED to miniatures, twinkling, remote-controlled, icicles, candy canes, battery-powered, and on and on. I did find a small LED tree that plugs into the computer so the office is not forlorn. christmas decorating (8)
I came back from the run for lights with a huge assortment and worked on the tree and a few more areas. I wish I had taken a before picture of the tree–it is quite old and looked it before the decorations and lights were added. It is amazing what a little bling can do for all of us! christmas decorating (3) I turned on everything and it was looking promising christmas decorating (4)

christmas decorating (5)

christmas decorating (6)until I plugged in the hallway and nothing happened. Not a single light came on and I am fresh out of lights! Well one more trip tomorrow. The problem is, that you don’t just buy one more light kit, you come home with a car full of stuff. Well, tis the season.
I have not done present shopping yet, but the decorations are almost done. I hope you have had a great holiday weekend.

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