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Sunshine at last!

December 2, 2015

Finally we had sun. It did not rain yesterday but we saw not a speck of sunlight. Today was beautiful. We had some of our executive MG team in today to go over protocol for the upcoming year. I am thankful for such generous volunteers who will be stepping up to help while Julie is off and beyond. county 76 team.dec.15 I am constantly impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of Arkansas MG volunteers. Late yesterday afternoon I put a call out to a few central Arkansas counties for some help in jarring honey to be given away at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show, and instantly we got results. What a can-do group!

By the time I made it home the sun was beginning to set but I still had time to do a little bit of work in the yard. sun dec4.15 While we have had a frost which killed tender plants, I have not had a really hard frost. I still have dragonwing begonias, and even some tropical hibiscus which are living. dragonwing begonia.dec.4.15 We also still have a glorious display of fall colors on Japanese maples, itea, and many other plants that haven’t shed their leaves yet. fall color.clereodendron.dec3 (2)

spirea dec4.15

jap maple dec4 (5)

jap maple dec4 (1)

itea dec4.15 I hate to admit it but the Bradford pear trees are still spectacular with their fall colors. If they weren’t so brittle and invasive! But don’t overlook blueberriesblueberry fall color.dec.4.15for fall color and my fall vegetable garden is looking great! veg dec4 (2)

veg dec4 (3)
My fall cabbage plants (which were supposed to be broccoli) were decimated early by caterpillars. I did not spray, but they have survived and the old leaves are lace-like but I am getting cabbage heads. What is amazing to me is that one plant in the bed was not touched at all! How do you explain that? veg dec4 (1)

veg dec4 (4) A few more days of sunlight will be good for all of us!

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