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Frost, interviews and decorating

December 5, 2015

Everyone is enjoying the past few days of sunshine and mild temperatures mid-day, but it is pretty nippy in the morning. Both mornings we have seen 34 degrees and yesterday we had an impressive frost. frost dec4.151

frost dec4.154

frost dec4.155

frost dec4.156 None of the plants were damaged, because they are cold-tolerant, and believe it or not, I still have living and blooming tropical hibiscus, mandevilla and begonias, so a “killing” frost has not occurred.
Ever wonder why we have a frost some mornings, while other mornings when the temperature is the same, very little to no frost? This is from Steven A. Ackerman and Jonathan Martin, professors in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UW-Madison. “Frost on objects is just water vapor in the air that has condensed as ice onto a surface. Frost forms on objects close to the ground, such as blades of grass. At night, a blade of grass loses energy by emitting a non-lethal kind of radiation, but it absorbs energy emitted by surrounding objects. Under clear nighttime skies, objects near the ground emit more radiation than they receive from the sky, and so a blade of grass cools due to the net energy loss. Once a grass blade gets cold enough, frost will form on it.

Overnight cooling of air near the ground causes morning frost on grass and car windshields. Frost will only form on a surface that is at or below freezing temperature. The observed air temperature may be above 32 F, since observations are taken at about four feet above the ground, where it can be warmer.

If you get outside early in the morning, you may notice that frost forms in open fields but not under trees. Trees emit more radiation toward the ground than does the clear sky, and so grass under a tree loses less energy than grass in an open field. Grass in an open field cools faster and reaches the frost point first.”

Clear, still nights are always more of a threat for frost damage than an overcast or windy night. But even with our morning cold, the sun warmed things up and it was a beautiful day. I made an early morning run to Sam’s to get party supplies for our party next week. Then I came home and tried to finish up the outside decorating. My pumpkins still looked fabulous, but I was able to give them to a farmer for feed for his livestock, so I didn’t feel guilty getting rid of them. pumpkins sent.
Everywhere I drove today people were outside taking advantage of the weather to decorate or rake leaves. Last weekend gave us non-stop rain, so we got nothing done. My son and his roommate pup up their first lights and the results are great! kyles housedec410

kyles housedec412

kyles housedec411 They have a great tree as well and have had a great time decorating. kyles housedec404

kyles housedec408 While unfortunately Kyle and I have opted for the artificial trees, we still have friends who go out and cut their own, which we used to do. barry searching for tree

I think decorating for me is complete, except I may have to add a few extra lights to the reindeer–once again, lights have gone out since last year! christmas 201502

christmas 201504

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