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Is it really December?

December 8, 2015

I had an early morning drive to Lake Village for the December meeting of the MG of the Delta. It felt like old home week heading to Debby’s house, where I stayed many times when planning for the MG conference we held in Monticello. debby bland dec.1507 They had a lower than normal turnout because of a special election in one of their big counties which tied up some volunteers, but those that were in attendance had a lot of plant discussions. The weather was so mild that we walked the garden without a jacket–in DECEMBER. bald cypress dec.8151

lake chicot dec.151

bald cypress dec.8152 This really points out how our state differs in climate as well. There were still impatiens, zinnias and euphorbia blooming. euphorbia diamond frost. dec8.15

impatiens dec8.15

zinnias dec8.15

I also saw something today I had not seen before–a waxed amaryllis plant. The bulb is actually dipped in wax! I thought it was artificial when I first saw it, but no it was not. Supposedly they are for sale in numerous outlets this year, in various wax color choice, but I had never heard of it. amaryllis waxed.dec.151

amaryllis waxed.dec.152 The directions said to just put it in a bowl or decorative container and you need to do nothing to enjoy the blooms–no water, no care since everything was already contained inside the bulb. I would assume, no life after bloom! Where are the roots and how will it be able to replenish the bulb after blooming? Someone said they had seen on a gardening show that the process of dipping in hot wax would damage the bulb already. While it may be a cool trend, I am not sure it is a healthy one, unless you want to simply buy new bulbs every year. I like to have them back each season, so no wax for me.

Debby also did a demonstration showing a unique container where you put individual stems of flowers or greenery. With poinsettias you burn the cut end of the stem–cauterization to keep the latex sap inside to help it last longer. christmas arrangement. dec.152

christmas arrangement. dec.154

christmas arrangement. dec.155
This group encompasses 5 counties, but they are a cohesive unit.
mg of the delta dec.1504
After the meeting, I drove on to Eudora to look at some landscaping issues. Driving from Lake Village to Eudora was a beautiful drive around Lake Chicot. There are some of the largest ginkgo trees you will see and they were still in their fall golden haze. gingko lake village.dec.815
If you attended the MG conference in Monticello and did the all day Delta tour you went to Vicky’s house. She has huge gardensvicky garden eudora.dec.151 and the camellias were absolutely stunning and she had lots of them in all shades of pink and white. camellias eudora.dec8.157

camellias eudora.dec8.155
We walked the gardens and answered a lot of questions and gave suggestions for landscaping this. vicky garden eudora.dec.152 I can’t wait to see the finished results.
Then it was a lovely drive home and it was dark when I got here, but still warm. It sure doesn’t feel like December, but I am not complaining.

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