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A busy holiday weekend

December 13, 2015

There was a lot to do this weekend, and the more activities, the faster the time seems to fly. Yesterday afternoon after running some errands, I drove to Two Rivers Park to check out the first annual Winter Market. They had a good crowd with lots of families, runners, bikers and dog walkers. There were shuttles that could take you to the parking area, but since it was such a warm day, I walked. holiday in the park.15 (2) They had a lot of arts and crafts vendors, food trucks and Santa was there for photo ops. holiday in the park.15 (1)

holiday in the park.15 (3)

holiday in the park.15 (4) Although it looked like rain, it never did. It was 77 degrees though and muggy. That changed today with almost 2 inches of rain and finally the temperatures are dropping. It is 51 now.

Last night a group of us from the office converged way out in Pulaski County at a party at Karen’s house. It was nice to visit away from the office and we had a great meal and then a round of dirty Santa. ballard party (2)

ballard party (4)

ballard party (5)

ballard party (6)

With the wet weather today it would have been nice to stay home and read a book (or color!), but I went to the annual open house at Moss Mountain. In spite of the weather Allen had a good crowd, with live music, food and fellowship. moss mtn holiday (1)

moss mtn holiday (2)

moss mtn holiday (3)

moss mtn holiday (4)

moss mtn holiday (5)

moss mtn holiday (6) The house was decked out in winter finery and although it was too wet to actually walk the gardens, we did view them from the sleeping porch. moss mtn holiday (7)

moss mtn holiday (9) We saw the swans swimming in the pond, but these two were not so fortunate. moss mtn holiday (11) Many of us wore our rain boots with our holiday clothing, and it was great to see friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. Then it was a wet drive home, to meet up with the family to go to the movies to see the latest Hunger Games. This is the way to do the movies now. You pre-buy your tickets on-line, and even choose the seats you want. Then the seats recline! It was quite comfortable, but a tad long and drawn out movie. I think they could have probably made it in about an hour instead of 2 plus hours!

I did have a lot of responses about the two plants a MG was told were staghorn ferns. The majority agreed with my assessment of night-blooming cereus for the first onesucculents.eud.dec151 and zigzag cactus for the second. succulents.eud.dec153 Both have the potential to have some spectacularly showy blooms in the summer, but would not be winter hardy outdoors.

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