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Is it really December?

December 16, 2015

The temperatures are dropping but mid-day with the sun shining it felt even warmer than 62–the high at my house. Tomorrow is only supposed to be 52, so that is more normal, but if you look ahead to the 10 day forecast they are predicting 70 and 72 for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I don’t think we have a chance of a white Christmas. Our plants are just as confused as we are. I have seen iris and daylilies in bloom, and today I saw flowering pears blooming along the highway and hollies are in bloom at our office. The flowers are right next to the bright red berries! holly dec.16.151

holly dec.16.152 And if you haven’t looked at your garden, winter weeds have taken off with flying colorsweeds dec.15 and some are already in bloom like this henbit. henbit blooming dec16.15

I got a photo by email in this morning for identificationeuonymus mystery.12.16. and I replied, then posted the photo on facebook to see if folks could identify it. I got a lot of responses, and while many guessed Euonymus, so far no one has gotten the correct species. It is the Manhattan Euonymus – Euonymus kiautschovicus. This plant was supposedly discovered in Manhattan, Kansas. It does not get scale like the golden euonymus, but is a bit of a sprawler–growing up to 8- 10 feet tall and wide. It sometimes sends up a few runners that climb your trees for a few feet, but it doesn’t spread on the ground. It has tiny greenish white flowers in the spring which the bees love, then these orange bittersweet like fruits–after all it is in the family Celastraceae which is the bittersweet family.

Tonight I saw this seed pod asking for identification. Any guesses? seed pod mystery.dec.15

After work tonight I took my two right hands out to dinner–Julie and Holly.julie and holly holiday dinner.151 They do a lot for me and we will miss Julie when she is off with the baby. Having a supportive team helps a tremendous amount.

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