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Family, friends and holiday

December 20, 2015

Holiday decorations include some traditional holiday plants. The poinsettias today last for so long that they are one thing that can keep some cheer inside once the other decorations are put up. I like all the spikes they are selling these days which just add to the charm of the plants. poinsettias (1)

poinsettias (3)

Christmas or “holiday” cactus plants are another great plant, and one that can last for years. Look at the size of this one that is gracing a home in Bella Vista and probably been in the family for years. Christmas Cactus Isn’t it stunning?! Thanks to Geri for sending me the photo.
My paper white narcissus is about to bloom. I have two bloom stalks and it has done well in the jar with fresh cranberries to add color. paperwhite narcissus.dec17.15 Once it is finished blooming I will toss the bulb, but I have several more to get started for the new year.

Holidays mean parties and celebrating. I have had some form of celebration every day but one for the past 10 days, so I think we have a few days to rest before Christmas is here. The holiday season is a time for family and friends, and I do enjoy it. It is a bit bittersweet this year without my dad for the first time, but last year wasn’t easy since he was so sick–so I think he will be celebrating with mom this year and is in good health once again. Today we were surrounded by family and friends through two parties. We started the day with Clays side of the family with good food, fellowship and of course gifts. They all live within an hour or so, so it was an easy drive and we had a great visit. christmas eloise (1)

christmas eloise (2)

christmas eloise (6)

christmas eloise (8)

christmas eloise (14)

christmas eloise (15) My side of the family is a bit more removed–from Arlington, Texas to St. Louis and Atlanta, so we will visit via phone calls and emails this year. But we are blessed to have a wonderful family.
Friends are our extended family–those we choose versus those we were given. I am equally blessed to have a great group of friends and the chance to be with them often. This afternoon I went to another friends home and had more time to socialize. There was great food as well, but I was kind of tapped out. lynnes christmas 15 (1)

lynnes christmas 15 (2) Have you seen the new laser light showers? My husband has big plans for next year, since he hates hanging lights. I have seen them on a few homes so far, but not inside like Lynne had them. We decided it gave people Christmas measles! lynnes christmas 15 (3)
She had a creative nativity scene as well–sort of a blend of a manger scene and Noah’s Ark!lynnes christmas 15 (5)

lynnes christmas 15 (6)

It has been a fun day. I have the house back in order and I think it is time to relax. You will never guess what one of Clay’s cousins gave all of the adults—adult COLORING BOOKS! Jean Ann has started a trend.

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