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Happy New Year 2016

January 1, 2016

The first day of 2016 was bright and sunny, with a high of 47, but it felt warmer, since I was so active. I had a bit of a late start waiting on getting my boxes down from the attic, and then I spent the bulk of the day taking down Christmas. The house looks naked! house jan1.161 It is a bit of a let down after all the bling and lights for the past month. Thankfully I have colorful art year-round and I do have numerous poinsettias which will last a while.

Yesterday afternoon I drove to Hot Springs Village to say goodbye to a dear friend and Master Gardener. Janie Turner passed away on December 23 and her memorial service was yesterday. janie turner.ded151 Lifetime member, Janie always had a smile on her face and never said no. She was active in the Garland County program and a longtime County 76 member as well. Her service was a wonderful testament to the life she led, with touching stories from her family and husband Don. Her fellow MGs turned out in droves and it was a good sendoff. Her pastor chose Bible verses that dealt with gardening, since he knew Janie’s passion was gardening and the MG program. Janie will be missed.

Then last night we had a great New Years Eve dinner at Terry’s Fine Dining, where son Kyle is sous chef. It was a great dinner with great friends. New years eve 15.3 Then we all went to our house and met up with more friends to socialize, play games and ring in the new year. New years eve 15.4

New years eve 15.5

New years eve 15.6 As it turned out, everyone pooped out but me, so the dogs and I rang in the New Year, toasted with champagne and ate pickled herring at the stroke of midnight. I need to start recruiting some night owl friends for next year!! It was a fun evening and a nice way to start the new year, surrounded by friends and family.

After tackling the decorations today, I had to do more cooking to satisfy our New Years traditions. We always eat herring at midnight, (I have never missed a midnight since I have been alive), and then we eat pork and cabbage today. We added black-eyed peas to the repertoire when I married Clay. So to get all things in–I make egg rolls with pork and cabbage, and I throw in a black-eyed pea and a piece of herring–since no one but me and the dogs got any last night. I made 60 egg rolls and 24 pot stickers, and it is a long drawn out process but they were tasty, and no one is the wiser for the herring inside!eggrolls.jan1.16

Now it is off to bed, since I am pooped and I stayed up way later than usual last night. I read a book until 1:30! I have read 6 so far this holiday break. It is going to be hard getting back into the groove of going to bed early and getting up early come Monday morning!

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  1. Rita permalink
    January 2, 2016 1:39 pm

    My deepest sympathy to Janie’s family, I had got to know Janie of course through all the MG state conferences and other gardening programs offered through MG’s. What a sweetie she was and like you said, she always had a smile on her face.

    I had not seen her in awhile and wondered how she was doing. So sad but I know she is no longer in pain. God speed Janie

  2. Phyllis Barrier permalink
    January 2, 2016 2:05 pm

    Janet, Christmas Day is the first day of Christmas and the 12th day of Christmas (Epiphany) is January 6. You can enjoy all your bling until after Epiphany. 😀🎄😍

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    • uamg permalink
      January 2, 2016 5:45 pm

      The problem is time once I go back to work!

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