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From meeting to meeting

January 6, 2016

Today was the first executive board meeting for County 76. county 76 board jan.161

county 76 board jan.163 This working board does a lot for the MG program statewide and they are my eyes and ears for the program. We try to meet about 2 weeks in advance of our quarterly general sessions to plan our agenda and prepare. Our first general County 76 meeting will be January 26 at the Little Rock State office. The meetings are open to all Master Gardeners who are in good standing in their local county program. If you are interested in helping shape the management of the MG program, come join us. Just let us know if you plan to attend. An email went out about the meeting but let me know if you need more information. county 76 logo I had to leave them while they were wrapping up to go to my next meeting.

While it looked small, we had a teleconference with folks from all over the state planning the 2016 Arkansas Diamond program. arkansas diamonds.teleconf.jan16 The Arkansas Diamond program began in 2015 and is a program from the Arkansas Green Industry and Extension to promote good annual flower choices for Arkansans. All of the plants that are recommended are grown by Arkansas growers. If you see this logo AR_Diamonds_logo at a local nursery, you know they are locally grown and Arkansas tough!
Last year was an ambitious year with 6 choicesArk_Diamond_Poster_web and we will be adding 3 more to the mix for 2016. They will debut at next weeks Arkansas Green Industry trade show and then for the public at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show.

It was a full day. My husband had a horrible cold the week between Christmas and New Years, and it is still lingering with him. I followed him around with Clorox wipes, cleaning every surface he could possibly touch and washing my hands ten million times. I have been trying to fight it off since Saturday, taking zicam round the clock, eating oranges and soup, but it may be catching me. I am off to an early bed to see if we can stop it in its tracks.

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