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A whole week at the office

January 8, 2016

It is rare for me to have an entire week spent at the office, but I just completed one and it was the first week of the new year–so maybe I am starting a trend. I was supposed to be in Tulsa but I decided I needed to make sure my cold is under control before a full week next week. It actually gave me some much-needed time to get programs together, columns written and power points prepared. I head to Carroll County on Monday to go over the final MG conference agenda and registration forms before we go live February 1. I think we have most of what we need, now we need to tweak it and get it all together. 2016 mg logo
When you have a lot to do, you start in when you enter your office and the next thing you know it is closing time. We did not leave the office on time all week. Julie is still with us–baby Auren Smith Treat (the name they have chosen) has decided to wait a bit. Julie is feeling good and we have actually gotten even more done this week than we did before the holidays when we didn’t expect her back~

It was a much milder weather day today, in fact we burned up at the office, but if you look ahead at the forecast, the coldest weather thus far this winter is expected Sunday with a low of 20. I think I will rig up some coverings for my vegetables this weekend. It all depends on if it is a windy, overcast night, or a clear, still one. Speaking of vegetables a friend recently sent me a picture of some sweet potatoes he found in his garden. They are huge. sweet potatoes large. jan16. While they might not be the best for a baked sweet potato stand-alone, they should still be quite tasty. The key to storing sweet potatoes is to cure them. Most roots are cured immediately after harvest to improve flavor and storage life. Curing heals cuts and reduces decay and shrinkage in storage because it allows the outer skin to thicken. Curing also converts some starches to sugars, which makes them sweeter. As soon as you harvest you can begin to cure. Store the harvested sweet potatoes for 4 to 7 days at 80 to 85 degrees and 90 to 95 % relative humidity with ample ventilation for about 5 days. Then they should keep for the rest of the season nicely. I am actually surprised these potatoes didn’t rot in the ground, but we just had a killing frost in my neighborhood this week.

Tonight Clay and I were invited to a cocktail party in Argenta above “The Joint” and then a show. I did not know that such nice condos existed above the Joint. We had a wonderful visit in an exquisite home with some really interesting art. joint gathering.jan16 (3)

joint gathering.jan16 (5)

joint gathering.jan16 (6)

joint gathering.jan16 (7)
We went downstairs to enjoy a showing of Fertle Holiday TMT 1113-001 2013-fertle holiday poster
We have been to several performances and they are really worth going to see. This one is open only for one more week before a new show starts. Three performers play a huge repertoire of characters and it is pretty amazing. joint gathering.jan16 (1) Check it out!

Storms are rolling in, thunder is rumbling! Stay safe.

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