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Home and a new MG soon

January 12, 2016

This morning I got an email that Julie’s water had broken and she was in labor. I thought we might have a baby by the time I made it back to LR, but she is still in labor now. Things are going well, but a bit slower than hoped for and both parents are exhausted, but if we don’t have Aurin by 11:30 p.m. they will do a c-section. So we should have a baby soon. Send positive energy and prayers her way!

It has turned out to be a beautiful day with much milder temperatures. When I made it home I took the pots off the plants I had been protecting, but left the row cover on the big bed. vegetable protection.jan10.163 For the most part, my plants look great. A few of the unprotected Swiss chard have some damaged leaves, but the protected lettuce and bok Choy look great.

I don’t move too many plants indoors because I just don’t have room. Mary and Richard use their pickup truck as a storing space for the winter. overwintering plants carroll cot (1)

overwintering plants carroll cot (2) They obviously don’t use the truck outside in the winter months, but it holds all their plants quite nicely.

It was a beautiful drive back home today and we worked on a few forms at the office. I will update you on baby status as soon as I know!

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