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MG Training across the border

January 14, 2016

In many of our bordering counties, we have overlapping membership from other states. In Miller County (Texarkana) we have quite a few folks who live in Texas but are Arkansas MGs, and some have dual membership, taking the training in both states. This is my second year to cross over and teach for the Texas side (I already did Arkansas in the fall). bowie co mg training (2)

bowie co mg training (3)It is always good to share ideas and I was interested in their service pins. bowie co mg training (4) This is not a statewide program, but one their county took on. For every 25 hours above their required hours, they get a new pin–she is working on her 5th pin–so 125 extra hours! I sure hope she reports them. Our reporting seems to be declining a bit. We need to work on that.

Driving home I was amazed at how many deer were feeding right next to the highway–easily 30 plus! Luckily none ventured on to the highway but you could see eyes glowing in the headlights. They were primarily along the Gurdon area, but there were a lot of them!

I was going to try to make it by to see baby Aurin before heading home, but I was too pooped. It has been a long day. I head out early for Hot Springs where I speak at the Arkansas Turf Conference in the morning.

For those that haven’t heard, Julie had Aurin slightly before midnight on Jan.12. aurin treatHe is beautiful, but I am sad I haven’t seen him in person yet! There will be plenty of time. They should all be going home tomorrow.

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