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A free holiday weekend

January 16, 2016

We have a long weekend with Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and for once we have nothing on the schedule for all three days. It was kind of a gloomy day, so I decided to tackle more things inside. I took a car load of stuff to Goodwill last week and again today. I think if I take a load a week for a year or two I might be caught up! It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a short time. We have been blending my parents household with ours and it is time to start purging. It is amazing the stuff we are finding as we clean out closets and drawers. I am too sentimental about stuff, but I am trying to take a hard stand. Let’s see how long it lasts. It does feel good to see it go.
We also put together our old baby bed to share with Julie’s parents. Of course we couldn’t find all the parts, but ordered some in and it brought back fond memories today seeing it put together. baby crib (2)

After dropping off a full car load I ran a few errand and stopped to get some wine. I noticed the crape myrtles around the parking lot were black with sooty mold and covered in crape myrtle scale. crape myrtle scale texarkana sept2014.3

crape myrtle scale. Being the good horticulturist I am, I decided to educate the young man ringing me up. I told him his crape myrtles (or more likely the owners) had scale. He asked me how I knew and a conversation ensued. Once he found out what I did, he told me that he was part of a group at UALR that wanted to start a community garden. (I was contacted by another student right before Christmas). Everyone in the store chimed in on where our office was and interest in community gardens. You know what we say “Arkansas is our campus”–and that includes liquor stores! After a lively discussion, the young man followed me outside to see the crape myrtles and we discussed the scale and its damage. Not too far down the street, folks were busy covering their community vegetable garden against the cold. vegetables january 31.15 (11)

I got home and decided to check out my vegetables. The bok choy I covered had no damage at all, but is beginning to bolt! bok choy bolting.jan16 (2) Bolting means they have finished growing and are going to set seeds. I have a lot of bok choy to eat! These plants are huge. I also found one of the other mesclun mix plants–I think arugula is beginning to flower. covering jan16 (3) This is in January! This is only happening because of the warm December.
My cabbage looks great, but has a bit of bronzing from the cold,cabbage jan16.16 but should be fine. What I am going to do with 8 heads of cabbage I am not sure. And all of the varieties of kale look great, along with Swiss chard. kale jan16 (1)
Leaf lettuce is not as cold hardy. I covered it last week and again today, but one plant was not covered and is not a happy camper. lettuce.jan16 (1) Those that were covered look great. covering jan16 (1)

lettuce.jan16 (2)

It is a bit cool today, but so far our winter has been much kinder than the past two. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. January 16, 2016 8:00 pm

    Make some kraut (cultured vegetables) with your cabbage. It’s easy and good for you!


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