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MG Training

January 20, 2016

Master Gardener training is in high gear across the state. Slightly over half of our counties train new volunteers in the Jan- April time period, with 1/3 in the fall and the rest in the other months. Counties decide on the days of the week, the time period, etc. as long as they get 40 hours of horticulture training accomplished. Today was a huge class of Benton and Washington County Master Gardener trainees with a class held in Elm Springs. Last night winter weather was predicted, and while it did happen across the northern tier, the bulk was gone from Washington County this morning and the roads were fine. People were taking their time and being more cautious, but it did not deter the new MG trainees and we had a packed house. Benton and Washington Co mg training.162

Benton and Washington Co mg training.163 They were so eager to learn and asked a great deal of questions. It was a good session. One of our own County 76 members Patsy was on hand to sell MG items to the new trainees.county 76 selling Patsy.jan16.2 It is helpful that we have members scattered across the state to help in our fund-raising efforts.

As I was driving home after noon there was actually more precipitation on the sides of the interstate in northern Washington County than there was when we went in during the morning. Nothing was on the roads, so it was an easy drive. More weather is predicted off and on for the next 5 days, so let’s see what materializes. I had to stop in at the grocery store to pick up a meat order I had placed for our supper club dinner this weekend. The store was a zoo, with no carts, and the parking lot was packed–people take weather predictions seriously in the south. I bet there will be no bread or milk left on the shelves. I wasn’t doing regular shopping, but specialized shopping. I went to the meat counter to get my order and he didn’t have it!! He forgot to order it. I was not a happy camper, and then had to go to another store, where thankfully they had what I needed. Two grocery stores in the course of winter weather shopping is not fun. I am glad to be home with everything I need. Now let’s hope the weather passes us by.

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