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January 24, 2016

Out statewide Master Gardener advisory board is called County 76. county 76 logoIt is open to all Master Gardeners who are in good standing in their local county program. We meet quarterly at the state extension office, and they are responsible for so many great programs across our state, from advanced classes, PNG Leadership, awards, mentoring, MG annual calendar, scholarships and more. This is a hard-working group of volunteers and they have stepped up to help while Julie is off on maternity leave. I am continually in awe of their willingness to help and strengthen our program. A few years ago we decided that if volunteers were coming in from all over the state we should at least feed them lunch. At our retreat, we started discussing the rising costs of catering and what we could do. I volunteered to make soup for our January meeting and some of the committees are bringing cornbread and crackers. Our numbers have grown. We now have 77 people coming from across the state so today I felt like I had my own soup kitchen. Thank goodness for my food processor. From start to finish took me only 2 hours and now the soup is cooling. soup jan (8)

soup jan (9)soup jan (1)

soup jan (12)
Transporting it to the office refrigerators tomorrow might be a challenge. I have roasters I am going to reheat in on Tuesday, but we have minestrone for the masses!

I like cooking just as much as I like gardening, and since it wasn’t a gardening kind-of weekend, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Fun times!

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