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County 76 first quarterly meeting of 2016

January 26, 2016

What an amazing day! We had one of the best attended County 76 meetings in January I can ever recall.county 76 logo We had 77 Master Gardeners from all corners of the state–from Fayetteville and Ft. Smith to the northwest, Mena to the southwest, El Dorado in the south and Jonesboro in the northeast and many counties in between. county 76 jan.1601

county 76 jan.1603 A more dedicated group of volunteers I have yet to find. When our statewide advisory board began eons ago–we had a 10 member randomly picked panel representing the state. They did amazing things and are credited with the MG management guide being available to all MGs, along with volunteer manuals and the inception of advanced MG trainings and leadership conferences. That inspiring first group has grown, just like our program has, and each year we seem to get better with age–isn’t that a nice concept. The depth of our programs, the committment, the level of training gets better with time, just like fine wine! I sit and listen and watch, and the dedication, the enthusiasm and the support of our program makes my heart swell! I am blessed every day with committed and talented volunteers in county programs, and this group simply takes it a step further.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The results of their committee work will be shared in an upcoming Garden Voice newsletter, so be watching for it. Today we also recognized members of our County 76 group who have recently achieved the first, second and third level status of advanced MG training. To achieve level one you must be at least a 3 year MG and attend 5 advanced level classes. county 76 jan.1606 To be a level 2 advanced MG you must take an additional 8 advanced trainings for a total of 13. county 76 jan.1608 and for level 3 attend an additional 10 classes ( a total of 23) and present or write-up some activity. A 4th level tier has almost been achieved by a few which means 10 more classes (33 total advanced trainings) plus a written fact sheet or Powerpoint presentation is needed. Impressive! Those who are not County 76 members will receive their pins via their county meetings once we get them mailed out.

We had plenty of soup and I think they enjoyed it. Members of two committees brought either cornbread/crackers or desserts and there were many to choose from. We also welcomed 7 new members. county 76 jan.1610 ( a few had to leave early). Our numbers are growing and we welcome any who are interested. You can come and sit in and see what it is about and decide if you want to join or not at our next meeting which is April 26! I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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