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Garden Thyme and garden time!

January 30, 2016

There was a wonderful crowd of gardeners at the Immanuel Baptist Church this morning for Garden Thyme, an annual educational seminar open to the public and hosted by the Columbia County Master Gardeners. There were folks from all over south Arkansas and some traveled in from points north! I was worried it might have been too pretty a day to be inside, but it did not stop these folks. As soon as the door was open, they started coming in. garden thyme3

garden thyme16 Before the seminar begins and during each break, there are loads of refreshments–you never go hungry at a MG event, but there were also educational exhibits, promotional booths and vendors selling everything from County 76 garden hoes and gadgets, to lotions and potions, books and more. garden thyme camden daff

garden thyme4.

garen auger

I have to share a t-shirt that one of the mgs was wearing: garden tshirt. See how smart Master Gardeners are?!

I did not stay for the end of the seminar, but headed home to spend some time in my garden. I drove in, quickly unloaded the car, changed clothes and was outside in a matter of minutes. I got a full two hours of raking, weeding, cutting back, fertilizing and just seeing what is happening in the garden. A lot! I cleaned leaves out of the water garden and around the beds, and finally cut back the tropicals and perennials that didn’t get frozen until January 9. My crocus are up, crocus jan30.15but no blooms yet. Loropetalum has not stopped bloomingloropetalum jan30.16, nor have the hellebores–are these not amazing! hellebores jan30 (1)

hellebores jan30 (2)
I still have blooms on camellias with more buds to open,camellia bud jan30.16 and the yellow twig dogwood really stands out in the winter landscape.yellow twigged dogwood jan30 (2) I also saw a bloom today on my Vinca major–ugh! vinca major jan30 (1) although pretty, it is so invasive. I also already have bronze fennel sprouting, my daylilies daylily jan30.16are up as are the lycoris naked lady foliagelycoris foliage jan30.16. My deciduous azaleas never completely lost their leavesdec azalea jan30.16, but on a high note, my Hydrangea macrophylla (big leaf hydrangeas) have not frozen back YET! hydrangea jan30.16 I told them they were out of the garden if it happened again, so they are hanging tough, at least for the moment.
Rosemary is blooming its heart outrosemary jan30 (3) and the parsley, mint and sage all look good.

While I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon in the garden, I am a bit worried about the next month and a half. 70 degree days for a few more days, then it is supposed to start dropping. I heard rumors from reliable sources today that the week after next is supposed to bring a big snow storm! Snow is a good insulator, but I don’t know how much more growth we are going to see on our plants with this mild weather. Time will tell. Weird weather though.

Here are the pictures I could not upload yesterday of the new look of the Magnolia Holiday Inn–quite nice! hi2

holiday inn2

I hope you had time in the garden today–and can plan for some tomorrow.

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