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Another spring-like day

January 31, 2016

While I think we all are enjoying the opportunity to open the windows, and be outside in shorts and shirtsleeves, there is this underlying unease about this type of weather the last day of January. While I had to do some of the more mundane things like laundry today, I did get to spend some time outside as well. I have found that many of the plants in the raised beds could use a little rain. I also have arugula arugala bolting.jan16and Bok choybok choy bolting.jan16 (2) both setting flower stalks and the pansies are a bit leggy from all the warm weather. pansy leggy

I wrote columns today and prepared power points for the busy week ahead. I also did an online interview for a story with concerns about what this weather portends for our plants. My answer was it is anyone’s guess. The longer we have warm weather, the more our plants are going to begin to grow and the more tender and therefore susceptible to cold damage they will be. If we do get snow, snow in and of itself is a good insulator, but how low the temperatures get and for how long will determine damage. Whether this is el Nina, el Nino or global warming, it is a scary situation this early in the winter season. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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