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Jonesboro program then home

February 7, 2016

It has been a full week with six different cities in 6 days. We are training a great new group of volunteers and today I did a program for the public in Jonesboro sponsored by the Museum Garden Club. I had a nice lunch with their officers and then we had a great turnout in the Pit at ASU. Folks kept coming in even after we started. I spoke on Hot Stuff, covering trends in gardening, plus new plants and garden gadgets. asu talk feb161

asu talk feb162

It was a beautiful but cool day. One highlight of this program each year, is the meeting room is adjacent to the ASU greenhouses. Kim and I did a walk through. She has loads of annuals coming along nicely for their spring plant sale. ASU greenhouse (2)

ASU greenhouse (3) including black petunias for their red wolf hanging baskets with red and black petunia combos. petunia black. asu16
A new feature that will be planted this week is a hydroponic unit which will have vegetables. The individual pots are coir based and the seedlings will go in and water will circulate throughout with nutrition. I will need to go back to see it in action. hydroponic system asu.162

hydroponic system asu.163

hydroponic system asu.164
Kim also has a nice collection of orchids and one was absolutely loaded with purple blooms. orchids asu (1) I guess she knows something about horticulture, huh!! In the head house, their outside drip irrigation station is hanging, and looks quite artistic. ASU greenhouse (1)

As I was driving home, it was overcast in the northern tier of the state sky feb16.1 but it was clearing up as I neared home. sky feb16.3

While it has been a busy travel week, it has also been a fun week of speaking and training. Registration for the 2016 State MG conference has been at warp speed this week. As of Friday we had 311 registered Active Master Gardeners, so if you add the 75 volunteers, we only have 114 open slots! Pretty impressive.

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  1. Ralph Seay permalink
    February 7, 2016 10:28 pm

    Thank you so much for speaking to our A-State Museum Garden Club today! “Hot Stuff” was beautiful and informative! Pictures of the new varieties and current trends provided so many ideas on how we can beautify our homes!

    • uamg permalink
      February 8, 2016 7:26 am

      Thanks! I always enjoy my time in Jonesboro.

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