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Training and Traveling Arkansas

February 11, 2016

I have been traveling the state for many years now, but in the past few days I have traveled roads I have never been on before. On Friday I drove from Pine Bluff to Marion, then on Saturday from Marion to Jonesboro (an extremely easy drive) then yesterday I went from Harrison to Mena. We have a beautiful state. I saw deer in NW and SW. They just seem to hop as they run around. I saw many hawks, a fox and some beautiful scenery. I wish I wasn’t driving so I could take more pictures. boone county training16 (8)

sites.feb16 (3)

sites.feb16 (5)

sites.feb16 (7)
In Mena I did the first MG training in their new education building and what a nice facility they have. polk co mg training (2)

polk co mg training (3)

polk co mg training (4)

polk co mg training (6)
Then I drove to Glenwood for the night. I have been on that road before, and to Glenwood, but not in the winter. Amazing what you can see when there are no leaves on the trees. I wish the light had been better so I could have taken pictures, so I borrowed one from the web. montgomery county borrowed photo.
We do live in a very beautiful state and I do enjoy driving it. I wish I had more time to stop and take pictures and explore all the sites I see. I stayed with friend Ketha last night and had a great visit. Her cat doesn’t like drinking out of a bowl, but rather directly from the (1) Their gardens were a bit further behind than ours are, with no blooms on the hellebores yet and nothing in the vegetable garden. ketha (2) The dogs get to find unique treasures to feast upon. ketha (1) Their garden, although surrounded by a heavy deer presence is not touched because of their guard dogs.

Then it was back to the office to wrap things up. Registration is still going crazy for the 2016 MG State Conference. As of today, I think we only have 50 spots left and we have been open for 11 days!!! Way to go Arkansas Master Gardeners!

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