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A beautiful Friday!

February 12, 2016

I did not pay enough attention to the forecast for the day and for some reason, I thought it was supposed to be really cold today, so I dressed accordingly. I was hot all day! It was a gorgeous day. It has been a loaded three weeks, so I decided to take the day off. My husband asked me if I was going to be out-of-town, and I said no, but he did not think I would actually take a day off this time of year, so he sent flowers to me at the office today! They emailed me I had a package, so I went and picked them up and they are gorgeous. valentine roses16 (1)

valentine roses16 (4) Two dozen long-stemmed roses–half of them orange for my favorite color and half pink to show how much he appreciates me. I have friends who think it is a waste of money, but I love having fresh flowers inside. He gets brownie points!

I spent the day catching up on the home front–laundry, cleaning, and a Sam’s run. I found some interesting buys in the gardening section. garden kits 2016 (3)

garden kits 2016 (2)

garden kits 2016 (1) I may buy the vertical garden and use it at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show. I also had to run to Home Depot to pick up some fertilizer, since my pansies and vegetables need some and I am out. While I was there, I looked at what they have for sale. Last year we were struggling to find vegetable transplants the end of February for the AFGS and they are already on the shelves. veg transplants feb12 (1)

veg transplants feb12 (2)They also had onion transplants and sets, asparagus crowns and seed potatoes. onion sets feb12.16 I would get past this weekend when it is supposed to get cold before planting.
They also had bare root fruit plants indoors. bareroot plants feb12 (2) They really should keep them outside, since they need to be purchased dormant, and planted dormant. These are already beginning to grow and there is nothing to sustain life.

I came home and had some time to work in the garden. It is bone dry and I pulled out the hose and watered all the vegetablescabbage feb12.16

veg feb12 (1) and winter annuals. I then watered the hydrangeas and azaleas. If the weather does get bitterly cold, it will help to have ample moisture in the ground. I am keeping my fingers crossed. So far, the big leaf hydrangeas still have all their buds intact–they are bright red right now. hydrangeas feb12 (1)

hydrangeas feb12 (4) I hope I can still say that after this weekend, but the moisture in the plants should help to act as a buffer. How low a temperature we get will also determine what happens.
My winter weeds were looking good today–I had blooms on dandelion dandelion feb12.16and spring beauty spring beauty feb12.16already!

I continue to enjoy the hellebores hellebores feb12 (1)

hellebores feb12 (2) and my crocus are blooming nicely. crocus feb12 (1) and even the naysayers can’t help to think this nandina is a great addition of color to the winter landscape. nandina feb12.16
I cleaned up a bit and was off to Second Friday night art tonight with friends. HAM feb12 (5)HAM feb12 (4) We started at Historic Arkansas Museum where we got to shop and taste the new wares of Pink House Alchemy of Springdale with their simple syrups in a wide array of flavors. HAM feb12 (6)

HAM feb12 (7) Then we walked around downtown via the MG outside project at HAM HAM feb12 (1) before ending at the Butler Center where good friend Paul and his band were playing. second friday art feb12 (1)

second friday art feb12 (3)
After a nice dinner it was time to head home. A great day and a slower pace! I keep hearing all kinds of bad weather reports, but let’s hope they don’t come through. Tomorrow I cover the garden, but I hope this drink of water today has helped.

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  1. Karen Sherman permalink
    February 13, 2016 5:23 am

    I was so amazed to see all the spring blooms even 2 weeks ago during my Arkansas visit. I also saw the hellebores get zapped after one cold evening and was hoping all the other spring buds were safe. I returned to the Midwest ( Wisconsin) cold. -15 without the wind chill was forecast last night so I am afraid some of that cold front will be coming your way. Our snow covered landscape will be around a while.

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