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Happy Valentine’s Day! –and a mystery plant

February 14, 2016

While some think this is a commercial, made-up holiday, it is a fun one. Flowers and candy are the main gifts of the day, valentines 16 (7) but I have seen some creative ones on Facebook. If you did receive flowers, make sure you change the water every couple of days, and if they are just cut stems and not some elaborate arrangement, if you can cut an inch off the bottom of the stems when you change the water, they will last even longer. Mine have opened up beautifully in the past two days and are glorious. I do love flowers. valentines 16 (8)

valentines 16 (9) My husband is not into flowers, but he does love pizza, so today I made him pizza roses. pizza roses (1)

pizza roses (4) They were a huge hit, as were the apple roses for dessert. apple roses (1) I did these for lunch and then I cooked most of the afternoon to make a meal for tomorrow for us and Julie.

We had a late dinner seating tonight at Terry’s, where our son is the sous chef. valentines 16 (4) It was one of the prettiest dinners we have eaten there. Clay valentines 16 (6)had the ossa buccovalentines 16 (3) and I had the John Dory.valentines 16 (2) I had a couple of bites of the chocolate dessert valentines 16 (5)which was divine, but I was stuffed, so we had a to-go box of leftovers. I hope you all had as special a day as we did.

I just got this picture via email, so I want to see what you all think it is, to see if we agree. mystery plantfeb14.16 It was colder today, but not as bitter as was projected, but we did not get much in the way of rain. A few drizzles is all we have had so far. We could use a drink.

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