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Are we sure it is February?

February 21, 2016

I know everyone is raving about how much they love this weather, and in February no less, but I am a bit uneasy about what this bodes for our plants for the next six weeks. Everything is kicking into high gear. My clematis is leafing outclematis sprouting feb21 (1) and the roses are growing.roses sprouting feb21.16 and the crocus are almost done blooming. crocus.feb21.16Buddlea (or butterfly bush) has never gone dormant, but is already putting on new foliage. buddleia feb21.16 I have had many gardeners asking if they should be pruning already. I think it won’t hurt to wait a couple of weeks, just in case we do get cold. If you prune now and weather occurs, you may have more damage. It will not hurt these plants that need pruning in late February to prune after they begin growing. You just don’t want to wait too late into the season or it will delay your first blooms.

In addition to warm weather, it is really dry. I have not had any measurable rain in a while. I tried turning on my sprinkler system and found I have a leak, so sprinkler repair is in my future. Instead, I turned on an old-school sprinkler and let it run for about an hour. My vegetables really needed it. cabbage feb21.16

kale feb21.116

vegetables bolting feb21 (3) See the yellow blooms (and a few white). Some of my cool season vegetables are bolting. We are eating bok choy like crazy, but have more to go. It adds some extra color to the garden, so I am leaving it. vegetables bolting feb21 (1)

vegetables bolting feb21 (5)

The hellebores continue to shine in the winter garden with new ones opening up daily and the old ones changing color as they set seeds and age. hellebores feb21 (1)

hellebores feb21 (4)

hellebores feb21 (5)

hellebores feb21 (6)

hellebores feb21 (8) If you don’t have any of these in your shade garden, you NEED some. They will be available at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show next weekend.

In addition to cleaning, gardening and running errands–plus buying a car this weekend, I did have time to do some cooking, which I love. I am cooking for mainly 2 these days, and while Clay and I do take leftovers to work, I also try to repurpose leftovers into something new. The roasted chicken went into a pot pie yesterday. I am not a huge fan of pot pie, but Clay loves it. I really don’t like mushy green peas, and I like a bit of spice, so I made a southwest pot pie, with black beans and fresh corn instead of peas and carrots, and I added some jalapeno, garlic, cumin and chili powder. It was a hit and pretty tasty. SW Chicken pot pie.feb (3) Today I attempted my first homemade tamales. We had leftover pork tenderloin, so I ground it and added japalapeno, fresh corn, roasted green chilies from Santa Fe and spices. I make masa without lard (I used a little butter, chipolte oil and chicken stock) and I made about 2 dozen. I have a new appreciation for folks who make them every day, they are a bit labor intensive, but not that hard, and for the first attempt, we liked them–and they were a bit healthier than other versions. tamales feb21 (2)

tamales feb21 (3)

tamales feb21 (4)

tamales feb21 (5)

tamales feb21 (6)

tamales feb21 (7)

tamales feb21 (8)

tamales feb21 (9)

tamales feb21 (11)

This week we will be in high gear preparing for the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show which is Friday -Sunday at the Statehouse Convention Center. Hope to see you there.

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