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Just another manic Monday!

February 29, 2016

Whew, what a Monday. I was at the statehouse convention center early to take down our extension display. We loaded up my car and Mark’s truck and then helped load things going to our office via the big truck. afgs tear down (2)

afgs tear down (3) Most of the booths were gone, but the big gardens were still breaking down. afgs tear down (1) Mark and I unloaded stuff at my house, then he took stuff to his office and home and I took a load to the office. After that, I switched cars and made a run for ingredients for a dinner party tonight. Then I stopped by my son’s house where he had a crew to help him uproot all the bushes along the front and get ready for planting. kyle landscaping.feb29 (1)

kyle landscaping.feb29 (2)

kyle landscaping.feb29 (3) I bought him one of the gardens we used at the show for herbs for his deck. We will be using the one I bought again this summer for another exhibit. There were only 2 left at Sam’s today, and there were probably 20 when I bought the original one on Tuesday.

Then I made it back home where I wrote two columns, and did all my laundry, since I am leaving town later this week for a girls trip.

I finally got done what I needed indoors, and I headed outside. I pulled up some of the blooming mustard cabbage feb29.16

mustard blooms. feb29 (3)and bok choy and shared some with neighbors and friends tonight. I also gave away one of my cabbages to a neighbor. I harvested a bunch of the dinosaur kale for a kale salad for tonight. kale harvest feb.29 (2) I replanted in the areas I have been harvesting with spinach, more kale, lettuce and broccoli. I sure hope it really is broccoli this time instead of cabbage like last time. veg garden feb29 (1)

veg garden feb29 (2)

veg garden feb29 (4) I fertilized all the vegetables and pansies. I still have more to plant, but I was pooped and out of time. I will do more next week.

I got inside and showered and changed and started prepping for dinner. We had friends over who had out-of-town family in. It was a great visit and a wonderful night to start outdoors. dinner party feb29 (2)

dinner party feb29 (3) We had grilled lamb chops, fresh green beans with mushrooms, tomato cheese grits ala Kyle and a fresh kale salad. dinner party feb29 (1)Then Kyle made me creme brulee for dessert. It helped having a little help with the meal. A fun time. The dishwasher is finishing up and I am not too long from bed!

Tomorrow after voting, I will head to Hot Springs Village to speak at 11 and then on to Garvan Gardens to tape TV. I hope the rain is gone by the afternoon. Don’t forget to vote!

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