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MG Training and wrapping up lose ends

March 2, 2016

I was on the road early this morning to get to Franklin County (Ozark) for MG training. This is a smaller county and we only had 11 in the class, mg training franklin (1)

mg training franklin (2)but we have made it a policy that if you can’t get 20 people one year, we cancel the class, but the following year you can hold the training for 10. I think it is important to add new volunteers at least every other year. They may have been a smaller class, but they were an eager one with loads of questions. I had to speed up towards the end of my time to get everything in! Their county office is covered in plants. Their secretary Christa is a whiz at growing African violets and they are the star along with many other houseplants. african violets franklin (2)

african violets franklin (3) They also had some seed projects going on and the seeds were coming up like crazy. seed starting franklin (1)

I made it back to Little Rock in the afternoon and ran by the office to check on mail and switch vehicles, then I had errands to run. I made it home in time to walk my garden and check out what has changed with the rain and now warm, sun. The garden is changing daily. I have bleeding heartbleeding heart emerging mar3.16 and brunnera emerging brunnera emerging mar3.16 and the loropetalum loropetalum mine.march3 (3)

loropetalum mine.march3 (2)are blooming like crazy. I have five different varieties of hellebores blooming hellebores mar3 (4)

hellebores mar3 (3)(with two more to plant) and I have a pass along daffodil from Thera Lou in bloom daffodils. yard.16along with hyacinths,hyacinths.16 my (1) which smell divine. My Camellia japonica camellias march 3 (2)is blooming and I still have a few blooms on the sasanquacamellias march 3 (1)–they have been blooming since November! I also have a few blooms coming on azaleasazalea mar3.16 and the hellebores have a ton of seedlings coming up beneath them.hellebores mar3 (1)

A friend and I leave before dawn tomorrow for Seattle and won’t be back until Monday afternoon. I bet the garden will be changed a lot before I get back! I think I am packed and ready. The forecast shows rain and cool temps the whole time we are there, so my rain boots and hat are packed, so maybe it will scare away the rain. This will be my 4th trip to Seattle and I have had sun every other time, so maybe my luck will hold, but I am not taking any chances.

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