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We are home!

March 7, 2016

I continue to be impressed with Southwest Airlines. Our flights were almost 100% on time–today we flew from Seattle to Las Vegas to Little Rock. While we left 15 minutes late from Vegas, we made up the time and arrived when scheduled in Little Rock. They serve you snacks, don’t charge for luggage and with the way they load the plane, it goes much quicker than other airlines. All in all a great flying experience going and coming. It was cold and rainy in Seattle this morning when we left our hotel at 5:30 a.m. and it was still raining when we took off. Totally different scenery as we flew into Las Vegas. las vegas. We had a great adventure in Seattle and made a lot of fond memories.

I did get to walk the yard when I made it home, and things are changing, with a lot more blooms. I do need some rain, which they say is coming, and the temperatures were definitely milder here than in Washington. I unpacked, did laundry and have written a column and finished up a powerpoint for the workshop in Mt. Home this weekend, but I have more to do tomorrow. Tomorrow is my only day at the office, so I have a LOT to get accomplished, so I decided to tackle a bit tonight. Now off to bed.

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