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It looks like Seattle!

March 8, 2016

When we were leaving for Seattle all the forecasts predicted rain and clouds the entire stay, but we lucked out and had some beautiful weather, with intermittent showers and clouds. On our harbor cruise they did tell us that Seattle was the 5th cloudiest city in the world, so today, it looked like Seattle, and now it is raining like cats and dogs. According to the forecast we should see over 3 inches of rain in the next 24 hours in Little Rock, so stay inside tonight!

It was an extremely busy day at the office trying to prepare for the rest of the week. I am on the graduate committee of Michelle who is working on her Master’s in the Horticulture Department at the U of A. Her thesis is on pollinator friendly lawns and she is working with interplanting early spring bulbs and some wildflowers in Bermuda and buffalo grass lawns to aid pollinators. Today was a committee meeting and instead of driving up to Fayetteville, John and I participated via a zoom session. zoom mar.2 It is just like being there, minus the 6 hour car time. Pretty nice, and a lifesaver for me since today was my only day in the office this week.
After a nearly 2 hour meeting, I met up with County 76 members who are gearing up for sales at upcoming events. We loaded Ouida and Jane down with some items we have stored at the warehouse. ouida merch.mar.1

ouida merchandise.2. Luckily we beat the rain.

Then this afternoon I finished up my presentations for the rest of the week, including sending handouts and Powerpoint presentations to the various locales of where I will be speaking. I have three topics tomorrow for White County MG training, three for a gardening workshop all day at Garvan Gardens on Thursday and one for the beekeepers association meeting in Mt. Home on Friday and then one for How to Have an Ozark Green Thumb workshop on Saturday in Mt. Home. I also got a column written. Time flies when you are busy and it was after closing time, when I finished and looked up!

Our gardens did need some water, but I hope the torrential rains and wind don’t wreak havoc on the daffodils. This picture from the Hot Springs Shearer garden shows how many are in bloom right now. daffodils shearers.mar16 This weekend is also the Camden Daffodil Festival. I will be in the wrong part of the state to participate, but it is always a wonderful show! camden daffodil festival 16 (1)

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