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Photography error

March 11, 2016

Yesterday was a gloomy day like today, but it looks like it is not raining as much, which will make the drive up to Mt. Home easier. We had a great workshop yesterday on gardening basics at Garvan Woodland Gardens. I took a lot of pictures of the class, the rain swollen streams and some plants. Then I made it home and my sister and niece were in town and we went to dinner at Terry’s and I took more pictures. We ended at my son’s new house to show them, and as I passed my camera to one of my son’s friends to snap a picture of us, he said Mrs. Carson, you don’t have a card in the camera!! The night before as I finished the blog, I got a phone call and forgot to put the card back in the camera, so my day’s worth of pictures is gone! I never look at what I am taking until I get home, so I never noticed. Luckily, I have one photo from the class on my phone. garvan workshop mar16

I also got one on my phone at Kyle’s house.linda and lauren with us.mar.16
We had a great visit, but a short one. My sister and niece are headed to Tennessee and I am headed to Mt. Home for a bee keepers talk today and another one tomorrow for the Ozark Green Thumb seminar. Rain is in the forecast through Sunday. We should definitely be green by the time it is all over. I am almost packed and ready to go, and the camera card is IN the camera.

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