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Ft. Smith and Rain

March 18, 2016

it started raining in the early morning hours but had stopped before I went to the office. After an early meeting, I loaded up and headed north to Ft. Smith for planning sessions for the 2018 Arkansas State MG conference. We have locked down dates, now we are negotiating lodging and meeting space. The chairs and I first met with the director of the Ft Smith Convention and Visitors Bureau and their sales manager.  

 The office is in Miss Laura’s, a museum and visitor center. It is also a MG project on a beautiful setting.  


The MGs work on the grounds, but the inside is a step back in time.  


After this meeting we headed to the convention center to look over the space and set a contract with their staff.  


Since this is the setting for the annual River Valley Lawn And Garden Show, we popped in and got to see what is happening.  


I will have more time to spend there tomorrow befoteore re I speak at 1 pm.we got a lot accomplished.

It rained off and on my entire drive up today, at times it was heavy. Looking ahead at the forecast, it appears we may get one more taste of winter. In the northern tier below freezing temperatures are predicted–some as low as 23. You may need to cover low growing new growth on perennials or blooms on strawberries. Little Rock is not predicted to get below freezing, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Pray for wind and overcast skies. It sounds like a good day to be inside the convention center.

I had thought I was staying at the hotel adjoining the convention center, but they are closed for remodeling, so I am across town. Plans for an early bedtime sound great! 

Here is a quick pic of our St. Pat dinner from last night.  

It is nice to be able to go out and pick at least part of your dinner. 

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