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Gardening! and friends

March 20, 2016

In spite of how cool the weather was, I did spend a big portion of the day in the garden. I was out by 9:30 and bundled up but as long as I was moving, I was not cold. I got many plants pruned, including, roses, althea, buddlea,buddleia pruned. abelia abelia pruned.16

abelia pruning.16and summer blooming panicle hydrangeas.

I pulled all the early planted kale that was beginning to bolt kale and cabbage harvest (3)

kale and cabbage harvest (4)and I also harvested all but 2 cabbage plants. kale and cabbage harvest (1) I needed to convert beds. I planted one bed in all potatoes veg garden mar (5)and then I replanted in areas I harvested from with more kale, onions, spinach and broccoli rab. veg garden mar (2)

veg garden mar (4) I fertilized all the gardens and as I was working, my tree guys came by and we discussed what they were going to prune. He thought they could do it today, but they could only begin by removing the dying dogwood. It looks so different with it gone! tree after dogwood removed.16

trees before pruning (3) I was cutting branches with opening blooms as they were taking it out and I have a big bouquet in the dining room, and tonight I took a bouquet to all my supper club friends too. dogwood blooms mar.16 (2)

dogwood blooms mar.16 (3) I was sad to see it go, but it was slowly dying for years. They will come back Tuesday to finish pruning up limbs around the house.

I also went to my son’s house to help him with his gardening, and we got his multi-fruited apple planted along with blackberries, figs, rosemary, lavender and an artichoke. It is good to have a strong person to dig those holes. kyle planting.mar (1)

kyle planting.mar (4)

kyle planting.mar (3)

kyle planting.mar (2) It is also nice to mentor a new gardener and share some skills. I am thrilled he wants to garden.

Then it was back home to finish up what I needed to do. I fertilized everything and then watered. We did not get as much rain as many did the past few days, and my garden was a bit dry. I finished up laundry then finally got cleaned up and ready to go to supper club tonight. We had it on Sunday instead of Saturday because children were flying in from out-of-town. I took a bag of kale and a cabbage for everyone plus a bouquet from the garden. We had a great meal and with the help of Kari, they had homemade puff pastry for the beef Wellington. Very impressive! supper club schulz (2)

supper club schulz (7)

supper club schulz (8)

supper club schulz (10)

supper club schulz (13) Dessert was also made by Kari. Even when you know how to cook, it is nice to have help from time to time, and if you can get help from your kids, that’s a bonus. We are always grateful when ours help as well. It was a great meal with great friends, which is the important part. supper club schulz (16)

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