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Happy Easter

March 27, 2016

It was a pleasant Easter Sunday. We had multiple things to do,so there was no point changing out of church clothes to gardening clothes, so no gardening was accomplished today. Easter is all about famly and we spent time with several today. Our first stop was at Clay’s aunts where we had lunch. easter 1606

easter 1609There were four generations of family there, so the older guys had fun hiding the eggs for the great grandchildren. easter 1610

easter 1611 When we arrived at Aunt Eloise’s house I almost stepped on a thankfully dead snakeIMG_0526, but it was the talk of the grandchildren, and definitely gave me a fright.

We had a break in bewtween our lunch and dinner plans, so I had time to do laundry and go to the grocrey store. I am beginning to get a wasp complex. As I left my Krogers’s a wasp dived-bombed me, then settled into my cart. My car was in the north forty, but the wasp stayed attacched the whole way. I finally took off my shoe to kill it,so I wouldn’t bring any more home! I have mixed results on the fake hornets home outside the garage. I don’t see as many wasps today, but I want to be I will wait to give results.

Tonight we went to dinner at our son’s house. It was a fabulous meal and his edible garden is looking great. strawberry mar16

kyles garden mar27.16apple espaliered.161 The 6 variety of apple espaliered tree has blooms coming on most arms. His blueberries and strawberries also have fruit. Let’s hope he gets the mature fruit before the birds, rabbits and squirrels – I don’t want him to be discouraged. He goes out every night after work (at almost 10 p.m.) to check his garden with a flashlight. His mama is happy!

Dinner was outstanding and a lot of fun visiting with his roommates and family. easter dinner.1607

easter dinner.1608

easter dinner.1611

easter dinner.1602

A great day with family and friends. Happy Easter everyone.

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  1. Karen Sherman permalink
    March 28, 2016 6:15 am

    It’s always wonderful having the kids carry on holidays in their own homes and you can be there!

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