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Fayetteville and Rain

March 30, 2016

Even though I did think we needed some rain, the amounts we are getting are too much, and it is coming down too hard. Flash flooding is going on in several parts of the state. It did not make for a pleasant drive to and from Fayetteville today. I gave myself extra time because of weather and parking can be a challenge on campus. I was presenting a horticulture seminar on campus today. Even though the driving gods weren’t with me today, the parking ones were–I got a spot right out in front my first drive through. Rain was intermittent as I left town this morning but from Russellville until Alma it was torrential accompanied with pretty dramatic lightning. Once I made it to Fayetteville, it had stopped and the sun was partially out, but rain was coming. I had time to walk the display gardens around the plant science building and they were amazing. SO many great plants in bloom or about to be. The redbuds all along the way were spectacular. redbud mar16. There were lilacs lilac.mar30and viburnum viburnum mar30 (2), The lily of the valleys were coming up and bloom spikeslily of the valley.mar16 were showing as were the podophyllumspodophyllum mar (2). There were bleeding heartbleeding heart mar.16, anemonesanemone (1) and fothergillafothergilla mar.16 in bloom and several varieties of epimedium.epimedium (5)

epimedium (2) The Green Dragon looks prehistoric coming out of the ground green dragon emerging mar.16 and the painted fern was almost blanketing the ground. fern painted emerging.mar16

If you live close by, you should go visit often. There really are some unique plants in the garden. I just couldn’t resist giving some mystery plants, since there were so many to see.

Mystery plant A mystery plant a. mar30.161

mystery plant a. mar30.162 is a perennial wildflower for the shade. Mystery plant B mystery plant mar301.61

mystery plant mar301.62 is another perennial wildflower and Mystery plant C is a small sun-loving shrub. mystery plant mar16

The drive home was rain almost all the way, but around Conway I saw some of the most glorious rainbows. It was dark skies ahead, and sun to my right and rainbows to the left. Pretty amazing. rain mar30 (3)

rainbow mar30 (1)

rainbow mar30 (5)

rainbow mar30 (8)

rainbow mar30 (9)
It was officially dark when I made it home at a little before 8 p.m. but it was still raining. So far I have received 4.7 inches of rain and it is still raining!

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