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A fresh day in the office

March 31, 2016

Regardless of how bad a storm is, don’t you love how clean and crisp things feel or look the day after? I have heard from several new gardeners, my son and Kirby at the office included, who were so distressed by the weather yesterday. Their new gardens got flooded and plants sailed away, and mulch is now in the neighbor’s yard. The common lament was “I worked so hard and look what happened!” Gardening definitely has its challenges and its rewards. If new gardeners get too discouraged too early, they often move to a new hobby, but gardening has its pitfalls, and we rarely get 5 inches of rain in 8 hours. So today is a day to pick up from the storm, replant, rake back the mulch and move forward. Success is in sight!

Not only was it sunnier, but it was a whole lot warmer today. I spent the day at the office trying to catch up on a weeks worth of work in one day. I have my handouts and PowerPoint ready for Saturday in Cherokee Village from 9 a.m. – noon. Plan to join us. Sherrie Smith is another speaker. It should be a great event. Today was a busy day and time flew by. Next week will be a bit of an easier schedule and more time in the office.

I made it home to see that my fake hornets nest had emptied itself of its stuffing during the storm, but maybe it is still working. I have not seen as many wasps around the garage. hornet nest and honeysuckle. mar1611 I also walked the garden late and the rain has helped the potatoes sprout. potatoes sprouting mar31.161 and my rhododendron is opening its blooms.rhododendron southern.mar31.16
My fall planted parsley is beginning to bolt or bloom, but the late winter planted ones look great. parsley mar21.161

parsley mar21.162 Parsley is a biennial, with foliage only the first season, and then the second season it blooms, sets seeds and dies. If yours is bolting, harvest it and use it up.

Last year we put up a lattice board fence to try to mask the outside trash cans. I then planted clematis and climbing roses to mask the fence. The clematis are blooming great, especially on the side facing the trash cans! clematis mar31.161

clematis mar31.162 and a little on the garden side!

Spring is definitely in full swing. Many plants are prettier this year than ever including the groundcover ajuga. The purple spikes are quite full. ajuga blooms (1)azalea encore mar31.16 and the Encore azaleas continue to impress me.

Get outside and enjoy spring. I have been impressed with the guesses on the mystery plants. Two are showing themselves to be pretty easy, but one has yet to be guessed correctly–the white flowering shrub. I will tell all next week.

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