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Another day at work

April 6, 2016

I think it is always amazing how much office type work you can get done when you have the majority of the day to spend at the office. Today, I also spent way too much time on the telephone doing conference calls, but still, much was accomplished. Yesterday in the blog, I did talk about deer resistant plants and tried to share a link, but somehow it was left out. SO here is the second attempt:

I don’t think it will be a live link, but you can cut and paste and you should be redirected. For those of you with deer problems, let me know what did or didn’t work for you with your deer neighbors. Here are some suggestions for annual flowers (which are not on the list) lantanas, celosia, periwinkle, cosmos, and cleome. lantana miss huff july.2.15

periwinkle oct4.15 (1)celosia aug27.151

cosmos may15.cleome downtown pittsburgh1

We probably need to host a page for those of you with deer issues to share what works and what doesn’t. I always say, the deer often branch out when they are desperate.

I think overall the day was much cooler than I expected. We had a few sprinklings of rain, but nothing to amount to. When I got home, I still watered my newly planted seedlings and seeds. Raised beds are simply large containers, and they dry out quickly. I was surprised by how much growth I have on the potatoes and the baptisia in just a few days. baptisia sprouts.apr6.16

potato sprouts.apr6 (2) I have red, white and blue potatoes again, and the blue potato sprouts look purple right now. potato sprouts.apr6 (1)
I have plenty of flower buds on many plants, but the first blooms on some salvia and buckeyes todaybuckeye red apr6.16

salvia apr6 (1)
Share your experiences with deer resistant plants.

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  1. April 7, 2016 8:41 am

    Of course daffodils are deer resistant but the best of all is Hellaborus (Lenten Rose). They are so pretty and fill in so well in a shade garden. But I think several in a garden keep the deer out of everything – my experience

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