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Another full day in the garden

April 10, 2016

I can’t think of too many times I have had the opportunity to spend two full days in the garden. I did do mundane things like cooking and laundry, and started on the taxes, but 80% of both daylight hours were spent in the garden. I have pruned, planted, fertilized, watered, weeded, and more. ALL the plants I have had in the yard in pots are now planted. That is also probably a first. There is always something waiting to be planted. I still have a few empty pots, and I have not planted any warm season vegetables except for green beans, but those will come in time. I did have help getting the pomegranate planted, but it looks good. pomegranate planted.apr16 Now lets see if I can grow some edible fruit!
The pick axe I bought does make planting easier–even in the flower beds on my own. I limbed up some branches at the end of the garden and got some shade perennials planted that I have had for a while. heuchera plans.

soloman seal plantedapr10 (1)

soloman seal plantedapr10 (2) I also have a variegated ginger. I wish the flowers were on top of the plant–they are so unusual, but hidden underneath. asarum blooms apr10 (1)

asarum blooms apr10 (3)
The garden is coming together and looks garden spring color apr16 I sure hope this variegated alstroemeria- Rock and Roll does well. It was not cheap, but the flowers are supposed to be bright red, coupled with this foliage should be a show-stopper.

Once again, I was too busy to take too many pictures. The wind was whipping today, and that coupled with full sun, does dry things out. I did water all the newly planted plants, along with the vegetable gardens. My fake hornets nest blew off and is now residing in the water garden! I still see wasps, and battled them today trying to zap them with a full spray of water. I did not get stung, but know I am playing with fire doing that. Have I said how much I dislike wasps!

It was a full but rewarding weekend and gardening is a great hobby. Now it is back to work tomorrow.

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