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Cross County and new gardeners

April 12, 2016

From small to large counties, our Master Gardener programs are doing great things statewide. This small but mighty group of volunteers in Cross County put on an outstanding garden seminar today, “Planting Your Bloomers” with a packed room. cross county bloomers (1)

cross county bloomers (2)

cross county bloomers (4)

cross county bloomers (5) A full day of educational topics with a group of eager gardeners–what more could you ask for? It was an easy drive up, but a parking lot on the way home. I was stopped for 35 minutes once and another 15 the second time. highway traffic16 By the time traffic was flowing smoothly there was only a remnant of the wreck on the side of the road–everything else was totally cleared and gone.

As I drive the state there are farmers at work planting and crop-dusters are flying. In Cross County as I was driving to the event, I saw field after field with plastic row covers. Cross county is a leader in sweet potato production in the state. You learn something new every day!sweet potato production.cross county16 (1)

sweet potato production.cross county16 (2)

I had some errands to run this evening so drove by my son’s house to see his gardening progress. I have to tell you it makes my heart swell that he is so into gardening! He spends many of his off hours gardening and today spread 35 bags of mulch after laying down cardboard and some landscape fabric to help keep the grass from encroaching. kyles yard mulched (3)

kyles yard mulched (4) He has been known to go outside with a flashlight to check on the progress of his strawberries, and he should harvest his first ones this week. Let’s hope he gets them before the birds or rabbits do. strawberry kyle (1) His excitement is contagious. I also found a rose in bloom (planted by earlier owners) rose kyle.arp16. Prior to today he wanted only edibles in the garden, but after seeing the rose and my yard with color, he now wants to branch out and add some flowers! It is pretty amazing seeing gardening through new eyes. He is also learning the costs–both in time and money of gardening and I think has a better appreciation of both. He now spends time online looking at citrus varieties instead of playing video games. Will wonders never cease?!

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  1. SharonBerdine permalink
    April 12, 2016 9:25 pm

    Seriously, put a tear in my eye. I’m really glad for you, Janet, but even more so for him. Cheers for a great example and the one that followed. You should be proud.

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