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April 13, 2016

Julie arrived at my house early this morning to take some photos for a story she is working on for Arkansas Gardener of me and my garden. I much prefer taking the photos of others, versus having my photo taken, so the roles were reversed. janet carson april16 (11) It was an overcast day, but good for photos. It was also much cooler than I expected. We were at the office by 9 and had time to work on a variety of projects before I left this afternoon for Rison. I was meeting with a county FCS agent and her husband to talk about her yard that she had bid on as a fundraiser for a professional association donation. When I arrived, I noticed it was a pretty blank pallet, no landscaping at all around the front of the house. rison (8) Since it was not a new home or yard, my take is that they did not have a lot of time or interest in an elaborate landscape. As we discussed their ideas and saw some plans others had drawn up, I think we came up with a game plan that would fit their needs. All too often I think we have the assumption that we need to do a foundation planting with row upon row of plants. They had a huge yard with gumbo soil that needed amending and raised beds. My suggestion was to start small and build on their success.
Consider where the beds you will build that can have the biggest impact on your home and what you want to enjoy. rison (5)Consider the views into the home, but also consider what you will be looking at from the inside. rison (6)

rison (7)

We had a lot of discussions on containers in the landscape as well as what plants need full sun, and those that prefer some afternoon shade. Water regiments and care also were discussed. I was happy I had a jacket with me in the car, as it was quite nippy outside.
As I drove home I found a new nursery between Rison and Pine Bluff and bought a few new annual plants. lantana plants.apr16.1

lantana plants.apr16.2 It was a small nursery but a good selection of plants that were well maintained.

I made it home by early evening and the rain had cleared up, but it was still cool. I walked my gardens. My green beans are sprouting. green beans sprouting.apr13.16 The hellebores have a number of seedlings hellebore seedlings.16 and the baptisia is in warp speed coming up.baptisia sprouting apr14.16

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