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Financial training, computers, photos and wine

April 14, 2016

What a diverse day! This morning we had financial training for the new county agents and new secretarial staff. I was told the meeting was from 9-noon, so I went up to the office and was doing a few things before I decided to head down about 8:35, thinking I was going to be early to ask some questions and review. As I walked in, they said well here she is (I was first on the program after the welcome) to find out the agents were told a start of 8:30, so I jumped right in, a tad bit unprepared, but it worked. We spent the morning reviewing policies, answering questions and getting refreshed on the MG and 4-H financial guidelines. financial training new agents apr16 (1)

financial training new agents apr16 (2)

financial training new agents apr16 (3) After lunch we had a bit of time in our offices before heading over to IT to talk about how we can streamline things for many of our MG programs by doing them online. Great things are coming down the pike, so stay tuned.

I finished up some work in the office, picked up a shipment of plants that I was sent by Proven Winners (and I haven’t been able to fully explore yet) and then made it home. I have loved my little Canon G7X since I got it about a year ago, but I have been experimenting with closeups. I had about 30 minutes before I was leaving for an event tonight, so I decided to try some new techniques on close-ups. I think they have turned out pretty good. I absolutely adore the annual fuchsia plants fuschia apr14 (2)

fuschia apr14 (3), even though they don’t love Arkansas weather. I buy one almost every year to enjoy until the heat of summer wipes them out. Right now, this cool weather is ideal. They are almost too gaudy for most people, but I think they are fabulous. I also love the new orange calla lily with the Texas bluebonnet–which won’t last long either. bluebonnet closeup apr14.16

calla lily apr14 (2) I have now purchased 5 different varieties of petunias and callibrachoas and not sure which I like the best, although the hard rain did beat them up a bit. callibrachoa apr14.16

callibrachoa orange ap14.16

petunias apr14 (1)

petunias apr14 (2)

petunias apr14 (3) You can tell the two plants are related. The callibrachoa are just about 1/3 smaller in size. Both will keep blooming all summer provided you fertilize, fertilize, fertilize.
Snapdragons I planted two seasons ago look outstanding in several parts of my garden. They are the tall varieties and just loaded with color. snapdragon apr14 (1)

snapdragon apr14 (3)

snapdragon apr14 (2)
It has been an outstanding spring and it looks like the trend is going to continue. My itea is ready to pop and I have loads of buds on my pineapple guava. I can’t wait! itea apr14 (1)

pineapple guava apr14 (2)
I finished my photography just in time for Randy to arrive to pick me up for our wine dinner at Clark and Henrik’s.clark and henriks (4) We are honored to be invited and I am not sure what we enjoy more, the gardens or the wine, but we do love Clark and Henrik! Such gracious hosts and genuinely nice people, and Henrik sure can cook! We walked the gardens before heading inside. They are absolutely stunning. clark and henriks (2)

clark and henriks (3)

clark and henriks (7)

clark and henriks (10)

clark and henriks (11)

clark and henriks (12) The deciduos azaleas were in peak bloom and smelled amazing. deciduous azalea apr14 (2) The vegetable and fruit gardens were immaculate and loaded with flowers and produce. apple tree espaliered (1)

blackberries apr14.16

chives apr14.16

gooseberry blooms apr14.16

onions apr14 (2)

We finally dragged ourselves away from the garden to go inside to the event with outstanding food and drink, and wonderful friends to visit with. clark and henriks (1)

clark and henriks (13)

clark and henriks (14) We had a few sprinkles, but for the most part it was a glorious evening to be outside.

A full, productive and fun day.

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