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A really lazy and gloomy Saturday

April 16, 2016

our plans for wildflower walks and nature strolls were pretty much cancelled by the weatger which started and ended with a drizzly fog.  

 We thought the weather was supposed to clear up after noon, but we went for a rainy short hike in spite of the weather.  


We saw a native and smooth dogwood, as well as spiderwebs loaded with dew 

 this vine was just leafing out, but it looked like wisteria, but no blooms.  

 This is why we don’t recommend letting woody vines grow on trees. They can girdle and kill the tree. 

We did a lot of cooking, talking, reading and played a few games and made a puzzle but our final two pieces didn’t fit. Maybe why the puzzle was on sale?  


In spite of the weather, we have had a great time. Definitely well rested. 


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  1. Sue Lopez permalink
    April 17, 2016 6:53 am

    Janet, My name is Sue Lopez.  I was the owner of Sue’s Pie Shop.  I love your blog, read it religiously.  I am pondering starting one just for fun, but now nothing about it.  Setting it up appears to be pretty simple.  I’ve checked that out.  Once it’s set up, then what??? Sue

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4

    • uamg permalink
      April 17, 2016 7:07 am

      It is easy. I would be happy to visit with you about it.

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