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Out of the clouds and home

April 17, 2016

We were still stuck in the middle of the clouds when we awoke this morning on Mt. Nebo 1,350 feet in the air (or clouds). As city folk who have dogs and no deer, we still get quite excited when deer come close. As we were drinking our coffee we spotted one coming out of the woods. deer nebo apr.1601 We wanted to get pictures, but not spook them so we had the great idea to throw some of our bread out to feed them. It was quite similar to feeding the ducks and geese in St. Louis as a child. These deer were not afraid of us, and got pretty darn close to eat our bread. deer nebo apr.1602

deer nebo apr.1605

deer nebo apr.1607

deer nebo apr.1609

deer nebo apr.1612

deer nebo apr.1615 Being fed by cabin dwellers was something they had experienced before, and as they finished they looked at us expectantly for “what’s next?” We were equally enamored of each other for a good 20 minutes or so. I know we would feel quite differently if they were eating our gardens. Our weekend was fun, and the only thing missing was a working fireplace–you know I do love a fire, but they were locked up already for the season.
We ate our breakfast, cleaned up and packed up and headed home fairly early. We weren’t 10 minutes down the mountain and we were coming out of the clouds nebo leaving clear.16and it was actually sunny and warm by the time we hit the bottom. We saw a family of four deer in the road as we were driving down.

We made it home with most of the day ahead of us. After we unpacked and put stuff up, I got our taxes finished and filed, then had some time to work in the yard. I got several new plants planted on the deck and in the beds. I am changing the color scheme around the water garden. I am going for the bold look this year. I found two new gazanias gazania.apr161

gazania.apr163and some new lantanas annuals planted apr17.162to add to the beds with the salvia and catmint. I pulled some weeds and pruned a bit. I have a wide range of weeds in the lawn right now, from yellow blooming oxalis oxalis yellow1p162 to cancerweed or lyreleaf sage.cancerweed lyreleaf salvia.apr16 This plant was once thought to be a cancer cure, thus the name, but even though that did not pan out, it was used by Native Americans to cure colds and coughs.

My Mrs. N. Thompson clematis are stunning right now clematis mrs n thompson.161

clematis mrs n thompson.163

clematis mrs n thompson.164 and I continue to get more blooms on the azaleas, even this florist variety that had no blooms last spring. azaleas apr17.161
The hardy geranium are beginning to bloom geranium hardy apr17.16 and I have a climbing rose that came up from the root-stock of one that was in a pot in this bed years ago. rose apr17.162.
I fertilized all the annuals, tropicals and vegetables. The potatoes are looking good. potatoes apr17.16
I probably will not have time to convert my cool season veg garden to a warm season one for two more weeks, but that will be ok. There is plenty of time and the weather has still been cool. Rain and storms are predicted the next few days, but let’s hope they are mild.

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