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A very busy weekend

April 25, 2016

My youngest niece is getting married in a month and her first wedding shower was yesterday. Katie and I traveled to Dallas (Arlington) for the weekend to participate in the festivities. Sunday was a full day. We got to see and advise on the prayer garden at my sister’s church before services.prayer garden tx.163 They have mainly native plants, with some non-natives thrown in. The oakleaf hydrangea was beginning to bloom oakleaf hydrangea ap16 txand the Texas native Horseherb prayer garden tx.161Calyptocarpus vialis was spreading quite prolifically. Depending on your point of view, Horseherb or Straggler Daisy is a pest or a welcome, shade-tolerant groundcover that tolerates moderate foot traffic. In a cold winter it will be deciduous, but it did not stop this winter in Arlington and is getting a tad aggressive.
After church, we went home to eat lunch, and then load up and head to the shower. It was a lovely event with many wonderful gifts for the bride-to-be. whitney shower apr24.1648 plus great food and discussions.whitney shower apr24.1613

whitney shower apr24.1627

whitney shower apr24.1632 In the many photos that were taken by me and many others, I somehow forgot to get one with me and Katie with the bride. I hope someone else did, but I don’t think so. The shower was hosted by Linda’s college friends. whitney shower apr24.1669 We helped clean up and load up after the shower.whitney shower apr24.1673

whitney shower apr24.1674

I did see some examples of crape murder, Texas style. crape murder tx.16
We did see more fields of wildflowers between Arlington and Waxahachie. There were still quite a few bluebonnets in bloom, but the grass was getting taller than they were, but the Indian paintbrush plants were everywhere. wildflowers apr24.tz3We made it back to Arlington, unloaded and had a short turn-around before heading to Dallas for dinner with the bride and groom to be. It was a delightful evening but we were all pooped when we made it home.

Katie and I loaded up this morning and after a few stops to look at plants, (we bought a few) we were home by early evening. We unloaded and I did a grocery store run and finally had time to walk my garden. The yard looks great! I wish I had the time and/or energy to plant, since rain is headed our way this week.

Tomorrow we have more than 60 coming in for our quarterly County 76 meeting.

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