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Stellar volunteers!

April 26, 2016

Today was the second quarterly meeting of our MG statewide advisory group– County 76. Our meetings continue to grow in size and the enthusiasm and work they accomplish is awe-inspiring. Today we had close to 70 volunteers from over 20 counties across the state–from as far north as Fayettville, to the southeast El Dorado, the SW Mena and the NE Jonesboro and West Memphis–then all parts in between! county 76 apr meeting (4)

county 76 apr meeting (12) We started off collecting items for the silent auction for the state conference, and we could have held our own silent auction today with the volume and quality of items brought in.county 76 apr meeting (2)

county 76 apr meeting (18)

county 76 apr meeting (20)

county 76 apr meeting (21) Julie was in awe too! LOL.

Remember, the silent auction is only from 1- 5:20 p.m. on the first day of our conference June 2. All proceeds go to deferring registration cost for PNG Leadership and any overage goes to the Janet Carson scholarship fund. We ask that each county bring at least 2 items, but more are welcome.
We got a lot accomplished today and so much is happening across the state! We just finished one advanced training and another one is happening this Friday. The Annual to Perennial event for new trainees is slated and details should be going out this week. We also had photos taken today of all members for a pictorial directory, county 76 apr meeting (5) and the training committee provided us with a delicious lunch. county 76 apr meeting (6)

county 76 apr meeting (7)
Committees met after lunch and then we all reconvened to hear the reports. county 76 apr meeting (10)

county 76 apr meeting (13)

county 76 apr meeting (8)

county 76 apr meeting (9)

county 76 apr meeting (14)
I am blessed to have such dedicated volunteers who strive every day to make our program better. It was a packed day, but it flew by.

I did have time to look at the garden tonight. The itea itea blooms apr (1)is blooming nicely along with amsoniaamsonia blue ice apr24 (2), roses rose drift pink apr24.16rose oso easy yellow.apr16and I saw the first blooms on baptisia. baptisia apr24 (2)

I have flowers opening on pomegranatepomegranate blooms apr24 (2) and blooms on the raspberries.raspberry blooms ap2.16 The blueberries are coming along fine. blueberries apr24 (2)

I stopped by my son’s house tonight to check on his garden’s progress, but it was getting too dark to take any good photos. He has loads of apples on his espaliered 6 variety fruit tree, blueberries, plus blooms on pomegranate, blackberries and raspberries. He has already harvested quite a few strawberries with more to go. I will try to get photos maybe on Sunday when I have time. What fun!
Tomorrow I have a day at the office, but it is also administrative professionals day and we will be honoring our favorite Administrative Professional Holly! holly apr25.16

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