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Office and celebrations

April 27, 2016

Today was Administrative Professionals Day, and we were happy to honor Holly holly apr27.16as well as Scarlett and Sabrina on our floor. Holly keeps us organized and we couldn’t do it without her! We started off with bakery goodies, then a pizza lunch and to top off the day, Holly and Julie took me out for my birthday celebration. Holly has been under the weather with that cough that so many have had this season which lingers forever. She wasn’t 100% tonight but she wanted to go, so we did. It was one of the best meals out I have had in a while. I had never been to Table 28 and it was very good. julie,holly and me apr16

In between all the celebrating, it was an extremely busy day at the office. I even ate my piece of pizza at my desk trying to get things done. The phone was ringing off the wall all day. Spring has definitely sprung and the season has been a glorious one so far. The rain that was 100% forecast earlier in the week was non-existent at my house, but I heard they had some pretty good storms in NW. All the plants I have purchased and not planted, were bone dry by the time I made it home, so I spent the past 30 minutes watering even though it is getting dark. I leave early tomorrow for Garvan to tape TV so I won’t have time to do it then either.
I found a dwarf bottlebrush plant (Callistemon) bottle brush dwarf apr24.16 and some of my favorite Zahara orange zinnias on my way home from Texas Monday. zahara orange zinnias apr.16 I also have flats of annuals that I need to get planted. I hope to have time on Sunday.periwinkle apr24.16 This is a busy time of year for a horticulturist, and it is hard to find time to garden at home.

As I was sitting down to write this I had some texts. I am heading to Fayetteville on Friday and staying with my good friends the Klingaman’s. Somehow we got our wires crossed and they thought I was coming tonight and were getting worried about me. I felt terrible! But I am looking forward to seeing them Friday. Saturday morning I am speaking at the Fayetteville Library from 10-11 and then I speak at the Benton County MG lawn and garden expo and plant sale from 12-1. benton county lawn and garden expo.apr.15.07 Last year they had wonderful weather, so I hope the forecast is wrong for them this weekend–rain is predicted Friday and Saturday. There are MG plant sales happening all over the state! As I said a busy season! Go out and buy plants!

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