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Garvan and a glorious spring

April 28, 2016

Spring is about to give way to summer, but what a spring it has been. No late frosts, and a mild winter has resulted in a glorious spring display. Today that was not more evident in the color that abounded at Garvan Gardens. It was a tad cool when I arrived a bit before 9 a.m., but if you were standing in the sun, it still felt warm. The snapdragons and dianthus are amazing right now in the gardens. snapdragons garvan.arp161

dianthus garvan apr.16 The rhododendrons were in their glory rhododendrons apr.16garv2

rhododendrons apr.16garv4

rhododendrons apr.16garv6 along with roses, peonies and roses garvan apr.162

roses garvan apr.163

peony garvan apr.16

As I awaited my crew this morning, George the Peacock, gave me quite a show. He was in his full regalia and just kept turning around in front of me, showing off. peacock garvan apr.1605

peacock garvan apr.1607

peacock garvan apr.1608

peacock garvan apr.1609

peacock garvan apr.1611

peacock garvan apr.1612 He rotated around ten times before I walked away. How spectacular!
The gardens are transitioning from winter color–pansies and tulips to summer color. garvan apr16 (16)
The Gardens of the Pine Winds are reopened with paved cart paths and new rock work down by the koi pond. garvan apr16 (18)

garvan apr16 (19)

garvan apr16 (20) James and Sherre were deep in thought working on the best shot here. garvan apr16 (21)
And new for the summer is an art installation: Brushwood Dance: An Art Installation by W. Gary Smith. Today I saw numerous Master Gardeners from around the state helping with this new project. garvan apr16 (10)

garvan apr16 (11)

garvan apr16 (12)

garvan apr16 (14)

It was a beautiful day at the gardens. If you need garden inspiration, you need to plan a visit.

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  1. Harry Weissenstein permalink
    April 29, 2016 11:23 am

    peacocks are beautiful birds. I had several. Did you know they can change the color of their plumb almost instantly from green to gold. Green is for mating , gold is a warning of danger. They can also fly into the tree ops with full feathers. Males shrek lou
    dly during mating season

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