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A full day of gardening!

May 1, 2016

I slept in a bit later than normal after a late night, but after doing some email and bill paying, I was outside gardening by 9:30 and I didn’t stop until 5 p.m. I started off weed-eating the entire front and side yard, then I decided to begin renovation of the vegetable garden. I pulled 90% of the lettuce, kale and Swiss chard. I had five sink fulls of greens, that I cleaned, then dried, then stored. We will be eating a lot of greens in the next few weeks. kale.may1.161


lettuce harvest may1.16

swiss chard.may1 (1) I was doing the cleaning without my glasses when I noticed a caterpillar, and then I got glasses to clean the rest. I found about 5, but I am sure I missed some on the early batches. It was only on the red ursa kale. caterpillar kale.may1.162
After I cleaned out some of the beds, I added some compost, turned the soil and started replanting. I got some tomatoes, peppers and eggplant planted today, but I do need a few more peppers and tomatoes. my garden may1.166
I pulled out all the pansies and violas and started planting summer annuals. I took out the dogwood this spring and now that front bed has a whole lot more sun. Not sure how the shade lovers will fare this summer. I rethought the front plantings and put in some petunias, vinca and sunpatiens in the front bed,my garden may1.161

my garden may1.162and then the shade loving orange impatiens to the side. I also planted a few pentas and zahara orange zinnias in the side yard. I pulled weeds and thinned out the toad lily. I love tricyrtis (toad lily) but it loves my garden and is getting out of control and spreading like crazy. I thinned out a third, and it needs at least another third to go. my garden may1.164 It is spreading into other perennials all around it.

I weeded, mulched, fertilized, and finally watered. Even though we have had ample rain, the new plants needed to get their feet wet. my garden may1.165
The yard is coming together. Now if I just had about 7 more days to devote to it! my garden may1.167

my garden may1.168

my garden may1.169
So much is in bloom from roses rose oso iteaitea may1.162 to confederate jasmineconfederate jasmine may1.161 and summer spirea. spirea may1.162 Towards the end of the day, I surprised a chipmunk in a pot and he jumped at me. I am not sure who was more surprised or alarmed, as he jumped off me into the bush. At the same time that he hit, my fitbit vibrated to let me know I had my 10,000 steps which just added to the excitement.
After a shower and clean clothes, I tackled a new dinner meal. Someone had given us some quail breasts, so we had pan seared quail over creamy polenta and grilled/charred Swiss chard, kale and asparagus with a mustard cream sauce. It turned out pretty well. dinner may1.161

dinner may1.162

dinner may1.164

Now I think I will spend a little time with the heating pad!

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